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#4 The Memery of Flame

Guide to Flaming - Part 4

41 Strategy
42 Don't Be Boring
43 Undermine

44 Insults
441 More Subtle Insult

45 Clichés

46 Sarcasm
47 Personalize
48 Be Creative


Now we're in this wonderful 'social media age' (whatever that is), typing a few sentences on a mobile phone can be a pain. But a meme can often  do the old 'a picture paints a thousand words'* thing. Sure you can't easily debate with pictures, but you can end things instantly.

41 Strategy

The trick is to satisfy three criteria simultaneously:

  1. Be Funny - the laughter of others will haunt the idiot
  2. Be timely - your meme needs to be immediately after the idiot's idiocy; you must strike before someone else has their two penny's worth
  3. Be appropriate - an original or carefully chosen meme speaks loudest

42 Don't be Boring

boring meme

No visual power; all that work creating it, just for the nice red bits.

43 Undermine, Understate

Works well when the idiot clearly thinks they're the bee's knees.







I see your evil scheme is working

44 Insults

A good old-fashioned insult can be very effective - but it has to be funny, otherwise it's just shouting.


half a neuron

manage someone else

shut up

441 More Subtle Insult

If your foe is none too bright, and the other readers are brighter, be more subtle.



45 Clichés

Used sparingly, and as an ironic statement on your foe's lameness, the occasional cliché can be very effective

I see what you did there

something is wrong on the internet!

46 Sarcasm

many of the examples above contain an element of sarcasm - but why not give them full sarcasm with both barrels?



47 Personalize

You can beg, steal and borrow images from all over; and I recommend it. But I also personalize memes to the target and to the conversation



The marvellous Inigo Montoya ("You killed my father, prepare to die"), was here referring to the word 'inconceivable', of course - but you can insert whatever word you like at the top of the picture.




Inigo Montoya
most interesting man in the world



While the Most Interesting Man in the World was promoting Dos Equis mexican beer, he can be called upon to say pretty much anything that goes "I don't always xxx, but when I do, xxx"


imgflip is one of many sites
that offers this srvice.


48 Be Creative

That usually - but not invariably - means 'be original'. In a sea of boring, oft repeated insults traded by politicos, Apple/Android lovers, religious zealots (and many more), anyone who is creative in their use of imagery has a head start on the rest; sure, a few consider that memes are beneath their dignity ... but that's their loss.

And you can be creative with other people's ideas, as well as your own.


Over to you ...


Batman & Robin

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