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#1 Winning
#2 Strategy
#3 Word Skills
#4 Memes
#5 Psychology

A Guide to Flaming

flame ~ n. insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger | Home | Confession | Definitions | FormFlame | Twelve Commandments | Causes | Profiling


1 Winning


Outside of 'Flame' groups, where wars are routine, if there is one sure thing about flaming, it is this: There are No Winners.


2 Strategy


21 Appropriate
22 Cross Roasting
221 Cross Breaking
23 Evidence
24 Free Speech
241 Silence
25 Threats
251 Lawsuits

26 Reasonable
261 Temper
27 Trollshifting
271 Stalkers
28 Hypocrisy
29 Caution

3 Word Skills

31 Patronizing
32 Psychoanalysis
33 Fiction
331 Extrapolation
332 Generalization
333 Exaggeration
334 Understatement
34 Innuendo
35 Clichés
36 Sarcasm
37 Quotation
38 Pseud's Corner

4 Memes

41 Strategy
42 Don't Be Boring
43 Undermine

44 Insults
441 More Subtle Insult

45 Clichés

46 Sarcasm
47 Personalize
48 Be Creative


5 Psychology

51 Conspiracy
52 Boring
55 Obvious
56 Sulking
561 Anonymity
57 Insults
571 Abuse

572 Godwin's Law
573 Name Flame
574 Spelling Flame
575 Ullman Exception
576 Dictionary Flame
58 Humour
59 Last Word
591 Spanking

The Causes of Flame Wars | Profiling Flamers


flame ~ n. insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger

Flaming is one of the curses of the internet - and yet how many people who have ever joined in a discussion can say they have never flamed - or at least been tempted? First, you read something really stupid, then you think of a neat response ... before you can say "What have I done?" the message has been posted; you are in a Flame War (see Definitions).

Flame wars can take place in any news group, and even on mailing lists. Anywhere with an audience, really. The serious stuff occurs in alt.flame and other reserved sites; if the war hots up in your group, you can always cross roast to them (see Definitions). But that is for the experts: either lurk in the background for a while or prepare to be bruised.

This page is aimed at the amateur - people who want to join online discussion, but are continually frustrated by some of the terminal idiots who just will not go away. Flame Wars are easy to fall into, this page may help you through the pain that surely follows.

You will find Definitions and examples, but most of all, you will find the basic rules for survival.

One of the early influences in my life on the internet was The Twelve Commandments of Flaming, which appears all over the place. You may recognise some of the twelve on this page!


Plus Sign wrote: "In case no one else is taking the time to do so. I just wanted to say thanks for your writing on trolls."

Trollminator says: "your advice works - I've been battling two very persistent trolls ...

Arno Wrote: "Thanks for this extremely useful and elaborate site. It is written in a clear and (not too) lighthearted way, and the writer(s) are not afraid to use humour.


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